Garment Care

Washing temperature

Cotton - All temperatures
Linen - All temperatures
Spandex - All temperatures
Tencel - Cold water, delicate cycle
Rayon - Cold water, delicate cycle
Nylon - Warm water
Polyester - Warm water


Cotton - Dryer on high, or hang dry
Linen - Dryer on low, or line dry
Spandex - Tumble dry on low
Tencel - Tumble dry on low, don't twist
Rayon - No dryer, hang dry, don't twist
Nylon - Tumble dry on low
Polyester - Tumble dry on low


Cotton - Iron on hot, or steam
Linen - Press when damp
Spandex - Steam or iron on low
Tencel - Steam or iron on low
Rayon - Steam
Nylon - Steam, or press on low heat
Polyester - Steam, or press on low heat


Cotton - Don't use bleach unless garment is white
Linen - Don't use bleach unless garment is white
Spandex - Don't use bleach, dryer sheet or softener
Tencel - Don't use bleach or softener
Rayon - Don't use bleach, vinegar or softener
Nylon - Don't use bleach
Polyester - Don't use bleach

Laundry care

Natural to have color runs, please wash denim and dark colored pieces separately from light colored items.

Place your items in laundry mesh bags if you use a washing machine for your laundry.

Spin dry your clothes immediately after washing, don't leave it wet for long time.

Use a gentle detergent, if you are using softener for your daily laundry, do not use white softener.

How to take care of your knits wear


Store your knits folded in a drawer or shelf. Hanging knitwear can
cause the shape and fit to distort.


Wash your knitwear by hand or on a gentle cycle in your washing
machine with like colours.
Avoid harsh detergents, bleach, and stain removers. Instead, opt
for an eco-friendly wool wash to maintain the colour and beauty
of your pieces.


If hand washing soak for 5-10 minutes & rinse thoroughly, to get
rid of excess water roll your knit in a clean towel and gently press
to absorb the water. Gently pull to shape and dry flat. Do not